Ugly computers still run word processors. I wonder who said that.

So I have started computer programming summer camp. Yes, it was not my idea. Yes, it was Alex’s idea.

Anyways, it’s kinda time-consuming, so canipleaseputahiatusontheravencyclereviewplease?

That should have taken you more time to read than comfortable. You should have complained. I would have complained.

Okay. Since you’re not going to answer because you don’t exist, yes. I will put the Raven Cycle’s Slightly Serious Book Review series on hold. Sorry about your nonexistent feelings.

Unless you do exist, in which case I’m sorry for both saying you don’t exist and saying your feelings don’t exist. Unless you do exist but you don’t have feelings, in which I’m sorry only for saying you don’t exist.

Good night. Have a great day.



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