This Is Long and Just Very Wordy


This post is structured heavily off of the Mother’s Day post because I am uncreative.

God it has been such a long time since I’ve reviewed a Google Doodle. I was about to remove Google Doodle enthusiast from my bio, that’s how long it’s been.

Happy Father’s Day! Do something nice for your dad.

I am aware it is afternoon and you were responsible and already did something nice. It’s just a reminder in case you didn’t.

Okay. So the Doodle is basically the dad version of the Mother’s Day Doodle. I think I prefer the art style for this one though.

I actually don’t really like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Doodles -not because I’m a heartless person who doesn’t care about their parents, although that may be some of it, but because they’re all matchy-matchy. How do you review something differently from the thing it was created to match? Good question, self.

Obviously, one of my favorite years for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Doodles was 2015, although I also like the Father’s Day Doodle from 2014That Doodle didn’t make it to America somehow. Look at the map.

Okay so like the Doodle didn’t make it to America because it was also the World Cup. But I don’t like that Doodle as much.

Wait also they changed the features and skin colors of the people in the car to match the country. So I’ll just link the search.

Now that this post is sufficiently and surprisingly long, I guess I’ll end it here.



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