Procrastination Anonymous


That feel when you’re procrastinating on writing this post, and every other draft, to read a book you’ve read before.

Okay. I may not have told you what posts I’m procrastinating on. Now might be a good time to finally do it.

First, I’m procrastinating on this post a post on zodiacs, which I’ve been working on and off on since… three days ago? There’s a reason I try to finish posts on the day I start them. I have three drafts and all but one of them aren’t anywhere close to finished.

Second, I’m procrastinating on the Raven Cycle reviews. You know, the one’s from June 3rd. It’s June 20th now.

I have good excuses for those though. First off, I went on vacation. Second off, and this excuse can be applied to every draft, I’m in computer camp and I have literally no time.

Third, I’m procrastinating on a couple more band and/or orchestra aesthetics. There’s two. They’ve been sitting in my drafts for about a month now. I’m sorry for how little pictures you’ve been getting.

Now that I’ve been honest with you on how bad I am at finishing things, I’ll direct you to the Google Doodle to make up for me being a total slob.

It reminds me of the Vernal Equinox and First Day of Fall Doodles. Possibly because all the season changes have been done by the amazing Nate Swinehart? I’ll wait till winter to find out.

Just kidding I’m impatient

Rocks with eyeballs are cool and also I like trains,


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