Jonah’s Life Hacks #9


Since yesterday was a post about procrastination, today is a post about not procrastinating.

Callout for all of you who are procrastinating from doing whatever by reading my blog hopefully none of you because first off, if you are, it could be proven that I’m a bad influence on viewers, and second, that’s creepy; you guys don’t exist: go do whatever you’re putting off.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of dread when you’re procrastinating on something and you can’t bring yourself to do it. Do it now. Get it over with.

But really, the life hack is not a post that tells you rather unforcibly to stop procrastinating. The life hack is this.

What is that? you don’t ask because you don’t exist, as previously discussed “you” ask. It’s a link. Get better noticing skills.

It’s a link to a Google search called timer. Since this isn’t a scavenger hunt, I don’t feel obliged to give you some clue that makes no sense and tell you good luck. I’ll tell you why I linked it.

I feel like Donald Trump.

These life hack posts just keep getting longer. Honestly, I don’t even know why.

Anyways. Estimate an amount of time you will need to finish the task you will finally stop procrastinating on. If you’re like me and you have no sense of time which is why you procrastinate, assume it will take you 15 or 20 minutes to do a basic, smaller task like writing this post,  and split your task into smaller tasks. Then use math to figure it out.

Once the timer is on, you can do anything you want. The only thing is, you must finish the task(s) before the timer ends.

Now, you could add rewards, so every time you finish before the timer ends, you get a gummy bear or something, but I think you should be motivated enough without food. Otherwise, the task is dumb.

But sometimes you need to do dumb things. I understand. Bribe yourself with as many gummy bears as you want.

Okay. Now stop procrastinating.



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