What Should I Title This Post?


When you finish! All! The! Programming problems! For! The! Day!

As you can see by how annoying it is to read that sentence, I’m overly excited about that. Now I’m going to nerd out and read the Sword of Summer.

I never ordered that from the library. I ordered The Hidden Oracle. Alex ordered the Sword of Summer.

This is the advantage of having nerd siblings. Or, in my case, a nerd family.

I’m halfway through, and because I’m constantly confused, Crea had to explain to me that KINDA SPOILER AHEAD Magnus and Annabeth yes that Annabeth from Percy Jackson that one are cousins. I thought it was a different Annabeth, and was confused why Rick Riordan was reusing character names.

Crea would be constantly facepalming through the dumb things Cas and I -mainly Cas- do and think. Luckily she is a goddess with the patience of… well, a goddess.

And now to listen to Hamilton! Because reading without music is just not enough of a challenge.



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