Astrology! Magic! Nerd!


Juno reached Jupiter!

Yesterday was July 4th, so obviously I stayed up forever and watched fireworks.

Okay if you read yesterday’s post -which I will remind you that you didn’t since you don’t exist, remember?-, you’ll remember that I said I wasn’t going to see fireworks.

Well… That was a diversion. Or maybe I just didn’t know I was going to see fireworks but I actually did.

I’ll let you figure out which one it is.

I watched fireworks on TV, which is close enough. Also, today I watched Now You See Me 2 and it has reawakened my love for magic tricks.

If you want to watch magic tricks and be generally confused on how they work… Zach King.

You know what’s cool about Juno reaching Jupiter? Juno and Jupiter. Bam. Case done.

Okay, no. You know how all Jupiter’s moons are named after the Roman god’s lovers? Well, Juno is Jupiter’s wife, and Juno is checking on Jupiter’s love affairs.

I think I read this on tumblr. I don’t even know anymore.



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