Alpacas? Alpacas.


That moment when there are no Google Doodles and you are sad.

Okay, more like that moment when you have nothing to write about and you are sad.

So… Because you’ve definitely downloaded Alpaca World… If you’re at least a Student I think and you’re confused where the Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan Hills are, you can get there from Alpaca Hill.

Why do my cats keep bringing me socks

There is a warp circle you know, the circles on the ground where you can choose where to. Just follow the path until you reach one.

Okay, not all paths lead to the warp circle. Just go across the bottom. That probably doesn’t make sense, but choose the lower route every time the path forks.

Okay, now time to train my baby alpacas.

I know I said I was going to sell them. I can’t help it. They’re too cute.



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