Yay More Music Finally I Should Go Practice


So. Why are you posting so early, self? Even though it’s not that early considering it’s summer.

Crea got a new viola. It’s 15″ although I have no idea what that means pianos all come in the same size what is this witchcraft. I think she’s named it Mora.

Everyone names instruments. Don’t ask.

Okay, fine. Crea’s first viola was named Noah. This one is her second.

Cas’s first was named Leo. And then his second and third are Bachflip and Alpacapella, which are really bad puns that don’t really make sense.

Alex’s snare is named Logarhythm, which is a pun that actually makes sense.

Zach’s clarinet is named Arrietty. Like the Secret World of Arrietty. I know, I know. I think it’s because Clarinetty, Arrietty?

The piano’s name is Sneewit (sometimes just Snee), which is short for Schneewittchen, which is German for Snow White. And my flute is Pacific.

Okay. Does anyone else name their instruments? I lied. No one names their instruments, except us, but we’re all nerds.

And keeping with the music theme… Alex found this website. It’s great.

Also speaking of music



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