It’s Confirmed; Jonah Is Team Mystic


Wow. I just dropped my phone by accident I am so lucky my house is carpeted and it did a summersault.

Anyways, I forgot to say this, but I recently got to level 5.

What team? Mystic.

Meanwhile, Valor rages in the distance. Cas is Valor, by the way.

I have my reasons for this. First of all, blue is the best color. Second of all, Articuno is the best legendary bird. Third of all, I think you should evolve your Pokemon.

But basically because everyone in my family -with the exception of Cas and Zach which is fine because they’re unimportant– is Mystic. And so by the rule of “majority rules,” Mystic is the best team.


P.S. Can someone please tell me if the library is a Pokestop please I need to know


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