Hello From The Other Side


I’m in L.A. right now, and because I never bring my computer anywhere, I’m writing this on my phone.

Apologies for my possible typos.

I can’t find the strikethrough, so I’ll try not to use it. Emphasis on try.

Anyways, L.A. is full of Pokestops. My hotel room is right next to one, and I am going to reap the benefits of that.

We just went to UCLA and the Getty Museum. UCLA has tons of Pokestops but not a ton of Pokemon, while the Getty Museum has good Pokemon but sketchy connection.

I caught a Jigglypuff. I would’ve caught a Gravellier if my phone hadn’t almost died and my connection wasn’t so sketchy.

Now to cash in on that Pokestop.

Jonah wuz there.


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