I’m Back Surprise Surprise


I’m back found the strikethrough just kidding I’m on my computer again god I have missed this thing. L.A. was cool.

Today or is it yesterday? correct pondering technique, anyone?, we went to Caltech smallest college campus I’ve ever been on yes I am overusing the strikethrough I miss it so much and a Danish town.

Caltech has lots of cool flowers and cool names for buildings. The Danish town had a lot of ice cream and bird figurines.

All things I love.

And so now while it isn’t late for my standards, since traveling takes energy and sitting at my computer and sometimes drinking water does not take as much energy, I am tired.

Also I caught a lot of Pokemon by sitting in my hotel room last night and cashing in on the Pokestop. We were actually above it, and someone kept putting lures on it. I benefited so much.

Except I tried to catch a Vulpix and it rAN AWAY I am so angry at myself for not using a Razz Berry I had like seventy eight million

Now my phone is dead and I’m too tired to get the charger. First world problems, inexistent ladies and gentlemen.

Jonah wuz there.


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