Strange New Obsession a.k.a. Wild Goose Hunt


Stylized watercolor forests.

Okay but if you google that that’s not what I mean, so I have included some images.

Okay this obsession is basically because Crea’s drawing something like this for her art project and I am in love.

I know this is underwater but anyways. Found here.

The problem is that I can’t find any of the reference images she used or anything close with Google. So.

The trees on her hair are pretty close, but they’re smaller and less bright? Found here.

I’m getting closer.

Okay so this isn’t really the style because it’s really detailed, but the flatter lily pads are really close? Found here.

Still not there yet. I’m not very close, but I don’t know what to search to get what I think.

I hate when this happens. Read as: aesthetics.



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