Let Them Have Games


So. Yesterday may have been my birthday, but I still kinda screwed up.

I wasted a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go by accidentally tapping it. And then in my grief, I forgot to drink my last cup of water.

Rip. First world problems. I know.

So I recently downloaded these two really fun games, and I had to pull myself away from one to write this post because it’s really addicting I thought I’d share them.

There’s Color 6 and BonzaAgain with the Apple links. Sorry for anyone who isn’t an Apple person or just doesn’t have anything with an Apple on it.

Color 6 is a puzzle where you fit pieces together to get hexagons. Wow. Amazing. I know.

It gets better. There are multiple colors, and you need to fit pieces of the same color together in order to get hexagons. Wonderful, I know.

Alex found it first, and he was forever confused when everyone else didn’t instantly understand what to do. Honestly. But once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun.

Bonza is a puzzle game where you have pieces of a crossword that you’re trying to put together to form the crossword.

I literally cannot explain but this game is so good and it is the game I am addicted to currently.

Of course, you can cheat by Googling things and searching for letters, but that’s cheating. And I cheat sometimes.

There are references to Bonza in yesterday’s post. Go find them.



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