Wow Writing Is Easier When I Actually Do Things! Surprise Surprise!!!


I have been at school for seven hours. School hasn’t started yet and I was at school for seven hours. Literally.

First there was the three hour orientation which was, in my honest opinion, a complete waste of time. Then there was band retreat! And then there was tennis.

Listen to me screaming. If you hear screaming, it’s me.

Honestly. I hate orientations. They separate you into groups of people with some strange algorithm in order for you to “make friends” and force you to be with those people. Possibly, no one is happy and it is awkward?

Very possibly, because not all people will be friends. And not all people want you to ask them questions and do icebreakers and wear dumb costumes.

I have a deep hatred of organized leadership activities.

And I come back and Google Drive has changed. It’s does all the same stuff, but I don’t like this new design as much.


Jonah wuz here.


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