How Is Life In Video Game Land?


So! I just adopted a new alpaca!

Not a real one. Refer to me being excited about Alpaca World in the past.

It was turquoise on turquoise. I couldn’t help myself.

And now I’m training it.

Which reminds me because Alpaca World training is literally Pokemon battling but with alpacas of Pokemon Go.

All roads lead to Pokemon Go. It’s a pretty well known fact.

I re-did my avatar in Pokemon Go. For some reason, when I started the game, I chose yellow-themed clothing. Obviously, that had to go, because I’m Team Mystic.

Now my avatar has blue-themed clothing. I used an equals sign instead of a hyphen and obviously the logical reaction to that is to think that your eyes are going crazy again. Well, except for the pants, because they don’t have blue pants. But close enough.

Now time to train Blues, the turquoise alpaca.



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