Tag Yourself


Crea did this too. Go check hers out.

That’s literally why I’m doing this.

Brother Zachariah 
-grumpy grump grump
-sometimes raises his eyebrows
-the personification of grunge wallpaper
-does not exist 90% of the time
-will eat ice cream with a fork

Alexander the Great
-will eventually take over the world
-has sarcasm down to a fine art
-enjoys ironies
-thinks physics is interesting

Casper the Friendly Ghost
-needs a chill pill
-very small
-artsy fartsy
-consumes sugar by the bucketful
-will fight everything
-loves flower tattoos
-cannot sit still

Jonah Who Was Swallowed by a Large Fish
-always complaining about his lack of books to read
-spends too much time on the internet
-makes many typos
-has a love-hate relationship with school
-cannot peel eggs
-gets anxious over group projects but not tests
-memorizes fun facts but not important information

Ice Cream
-kinda quiet
-shy and adorkable with a side of lowkey sass
-precious cinnamon roll
-likes buttons

The Sky Is Falling
-is on fire 24/7
-thinks he’s really cool but is actually a giant nerd
-embarrassing but in a good way
-actually a phoenix in disguise


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