If You Haven’t Realized Already, I Play The Best/Worst Games


Today has been a great day for Neko Atsume, but that’s probably because I finally had enough fish to not use Thrify Bitz.

It’s time to add “obsessed with dumb games” to my bio.

They’re nouns. Never mind, I’m using “player of dumb games.” Okay, now to make it actually look nice and not like it does currently.

Okay mission abort I’m just redoing my bio.

Okay mission double abort I’m redoing my entire sidebar.

Anyways even though I shouldn’t say anyways because theoretically you read strikethrough text and normal text one after another and not together, I finally got a memento from Shadow, I got a picture of Pepper where you can actually see Pepper’s eyes because otherwise it’s literally just Smokey???, I saw Chip visit, Guy Furry came for the Glass Vase, and I got Bengal Jack to come.

What a great day. That’s more accomplishments than I will ever get in my life. Or in Pokemon Go. But that’s more because Pokemon Go accomplishments are actual accomplishments and in Neko Atsume you just set goals for yourself.

Speaking of Pokemon Go accomplishments… I’m a Pikachu person. Or whatever that accomplishment is called. I have three Pikachus.

One of them has CP 10 what the heck I’ve been scammed

And I’ll end this with this GIF that sums up my anxiety in Pokemon Go. Well, I get more anxious because the Pokeball won’t move at all, but close enough.



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