Olympics? You Must Mean Fruit Games


The Olympics are over. Go sports

You know what this means??? Google Doodle analysis!

Anyone who became excited right then is a gigantic nerd. Great for you. Being a nerd is good when you want to get good grades for your dumb classes.

The 17 wow hats off to sports Doodles for the 17 days of the Fruit Games can be found here, because I’m too lazy to link all of them.

Obviously, Day 1 was my favorite, but I also really liked Day 2, Day 5, and Day 16. And Day 17, but that’s basically just the ending of Day 1.

You should read the descriptions for all of them if you’re a nerd. Prepare for puns.

This was probably an unsatisfactory analysis. Whoops.



How Is Life In Video Game Land?


So! I just adopted a new alpaca!

Not a real one. Refer to me being excited about Alpaca World in the past.

It was turquoise on turquoise. I couldn’t help myself.

And now I’m training it.

Which reminds me because Alpaca World training is literally Pokemon battling but with alpacas of Pokemon Go.

All roads lead to Pokemon Go. It’s a pretty well known fact.

I re-did my avatar in Pokemon Go. For some reason, when I started the game, I chose yellow-themed clothing. Obviously, that had to go, because I’m Team Mystic.

Now my avatar has blue-themed clothing. I used an equals sign instead of a hyphen and obviously the logical reaction to that is to think that your eyes are going crazy again. Well, except for the pants, because they don’t have blue pants. But close enough.

Now time to train Blues, the turquoise alpaca.




So I didn’t have time to post yesterday because first day of school blah blah blah and I am forcing myself to write this because no I cannot.

And so school has sucked the life out of me and will continue to do so, so if I post on an irregular schedule, feel free to yell at me.

It won’t make me post more but yelling releases stress or something.

Moral of this short, distracted post: rip me.

Jonah wuz here.

Wow Writing Is Easier When I Actually Do Things! Surprise Surprise!!!


I have been at school for seven hours. School hasn’t started yet and I was at school for seven hours. Literally.

First there was the three hour orientation which was, in my honest opinion, a complete waste of time. Then there was band retreat! And then there was tennis.

Listen to me screaming. If you hear screaming, it’s me.

Honestly. I hate orientations. They separate you into groups of people with some strange algorithm in order for you to “make friends” and force you to be with those people. Possibly, no one is happy and it is awkward?

Very possibly, because not all people will be friends. And not all people want you to ask them questions and do icebreakers and wear dumb costumes.

I have a deep hatred of organized leadership activities.

And I come back and Google Drive has changed. It’s does all the same stuff, but I don’t like this new design as much.


Jonah wuz here.

Look! Philosophy! Also No!


Okay but let’s consider the following: no.

In case I have a billion other posts on the exact same topic, which I do, let’s just say that I feel very strongly about this.

Anyways, 2:30 is not a legit time because time does not exist because there is no such thing as time because time is made up by people. So if 2:30 doesn’t exist, I can go whenever I want.

Also, time is circular. Maybe my circles are different from yours. Check and mate.

This lesson of dumb philosophy brought to you by my endless pit of procrastination and refusal to do work that I need to do.

Jonah wuz here.

P.S. How is science essay, no one asks? Bad, I respond to the void.

It’s Not Easter But I Found An Easter Egg


So I was listening to March of the Resistance because band kid let me live okay on Spotify and I noticed something.

If you listen to a song from this Star Wars album using the app, the music listening bar thing turns into a lightsaber!

And if you hover over the place you are in the music or anywhere before for that matter just hover on the lightsaber, the lightsaber flashes.

Wow. Easter eggs much?

Jonah wuz here.

I Would Title This “???” But I Already Have One of Those


As someone who accidentally drops their phone a lot because there’s a lot of stuff on their table that can easily be swept away, can I just say that I am grateful for the carpet?

Also grateful that I am writing this because it seems like I’m writing that science essay. Newsflash: I’m not.

Anyways. So school is starting soon, and I am disappointed but also screaming eternally inside my head and also my web leader has not emailed me. Or called me. Or anything.

Unless my web leader is one of the two people who sent me spam this month. But that would be sad.

Also I deleted those emails.

Does this post have any reason for existence? No. We’ll leave it like that.

Jonah wuz here.