Sketchy Life Hacks #3


Life hacks about avoiding social interaction! I am in expert in this okay

Always drink water. Not only do you need probably want to stay hydrated, you can’t talk to people if you’re drinking water. Check and mate.

No I do this all the time. Taking a water break during tennis practice? You betcha I’m drinking water the entire time.

If you have headphones, wear them. You don’t even have to listen to music. People just assume you are because why wouldn’t you that’s weird but sometimes you don’t want to listen to music and that’s okay and don’t talk to you.

Also that’s good because they block out some noise so you become Focused™

If you have headphones but you don’t have anything that plays music, just stuff the end of the headphones into your pocket and hope no one realizes.

And if all else fails, look at your phone.

Or, if you don’t have a phone, pretend to be incredibly invested in the environment around you.



Know Thy Enemy


Okay but like can we not???

It’s another of those days when you actually have to do productive things at the same time because there’s no time left in the day.

I really would like to relax for a lot of today to prepare for the hours of social interaction that I will be forced to participate in later, but you know. Responsibilities.

I swear, forced social interaction will be the death of me.

Also exercise.

Okay, so I guess I’ll do my productive stuff. Starting sooner or later.

Basically this entire thing is strikethrough. My love of strikethrough text is pretty extreme.


Sketchy Life Hacks #2


Little-known facts about churros:

Read as: things not to do with your churros.

1. Churros taste better with salt.

Many people do not know this, but it is in fact true. It becomes truer the more salt you need in your diet as well.

2. Churros are best served cold.

When they’re hot, it’s too easy to burn your tongue on them. Keep them outside for a week, and then you can eat them.

3. Churros don’t go stale.

Which is why you can leave them outside for a week.

Okay maybe you will get something useful from this post which is the ability to understand that I am screwing with you.

This post brought to you by the fact that mini churros from Trader Joe’s are absolutely disgusting.


Let Them Have Games


So. Yesterday may have been my birthday, but I still kinda screwed up.

I wasted a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go by accidentally tapping it. And then in my grief, I forgot to drink my last cup of water.

Rip. First world problems. I know.

So I recently downloaded these two really fun games, and I had to pull myself away from one to write this post because it’s really addicting I thought I’d share them.

There’s Color 6 and BonzaAgain with the Apple links. Sorry for anyone who isn’t an Apple person or just doesn’t have anything with an Apple on it.

Color 6 is a puzzle where you fit pieces together to get hexagons. Wow. Amazing. I know.

It gets better. There are multiple colors, and you need to fit pieces of the same color together in order to get hexagons. Wonderful, I know.

Alex found it first, and he was forever confused when everyone else didn’t instantly understand what to do. Honestly. But once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun.

Bonza is a puzzle game where you have pieces of a crossword that you’re trying to put together to form the crossword.

I literally cannot explain but this game is so good and it is the game I am addicted to currently.

Of course, you can cheat by Googling things and searching for letters, but that’s cheating. And I cheat sometimes.

There are references to Bonza in yesterday’s post. Go find them.


It’s Jonah’s Birthday


cas: oH MY GOD


cas: SHOOT

cas: I completely forgot I am a horrible person and a horrible sibling

alex: Yes, you are.

jonah: Happy birthday to me

jonah: I’m a hundred and three

zach: Jonah, you can’t just play games on your phone all day.

jonah: It’s my birthday

zach: Do I look like I care?

cas: No

jonah: They’re educational games

zach: Go ahead.

jonah: Crea

jonah: Can you help me solve this

crea: Can’t you just watch videos for hints?


jonah: It’s my birthday

crea: Fine.

crea: Tuning fork.


jonah: I dumb

alex: Even Cas could’ve gotten that one.

cas: Hey

alex: What, you couldn’t get it?

cas: I repeat myself

cas: Hey

cas: You can’t Google things that’s cheating

jonah: It’s making the most of my resources

jonah: It’s only cheating when you search for the answers


cas: You literally Googled “list of herbs and spices”

jonah: Your point is

crea: Happy birthday.

jonah: Thanks

jonah: Your extensive knowledge of bugs is kinda creepy

zach: They’re called insects.

jonah: Okay Mr. Bugologist

zach: They’re called entomologists.


cas: I hope you didn’t mind that I didn’t get you a present

jonah: I stopped minding the first time you forgot

cas: Ouch

cas: Harsh

cas: But true

zach: Don’t do anything dumb just because today’s your birthday.

jonah: I would never

alex: You would always.

I Can’t Even Ever


Yesterday I assigned a Pokemon to a gym and I forgot to collect my defender bonus. So I just wasted some potions and I am sad.

Okay I didn’t forget because I couldn’t get my defender bonus until four hours but I forgot four hours later. And maybe “Vaporean” the Pidgeot wouldn’t have stayed in that gym for four hours, but the point is I forgot.

Also I finally reached Level 12, which means I have Great Balls. Which means I can catch a Vulpix!

I am still salty that the first Vulpix I saw -and have ever seen- ran away.

And now for this post to end! Because I’ve been working on it for too long and have gotten absolutely nowhere!


What Is This Rambling


So I think the Fruit Games are going to last for a long time because the Olympics last for a long time am I right there are tons of Google Doodles for Olympics from the past that are consecutive in streaks of more than three.

I sound so fancy because I refuse to delete things. Because you can always add more but the delete key and I are not acquainted very well.

Okay I will practice piano and then I will be back with an idea for this post. You know how life is.

I’m back and I still have no ideas. Except I’m wondering if my audition music for the ensemble can be used as my free choice piece as well because laziness and also perfectionism.

I am a person of conflicting traits. I am a perfectionistic procrastinator. Hence the confusing aesthetic.

Anyways… Nigahiga posted a video about Pokemon Go.

You can watch it right here or you can click the link! Wow choices!

Jonah wuz here.